Monthly Wine Subscription

The Greatest Deal in Wine

The Sans Wine Co. monthly canned wine subscription really is the greatest deal in wine. As I sit here writing this entry, prices all around us are increasing daily.  I have read three articles about high inflation, hefty fuel costs, and the borderline recessive state of the U.S. economy just this morning.  If you are a wine lover, our fully customizable Monthly Subscription is perfect for you or anyone that wants great wine at an affordable price, and without added shipping costs. I am going to lay out the best deal in wine, how it works, and why you should sign up for a subscription.

Cans Cost Less

First, our can packaging and production methods allow us to offer premium, single vineyard wines at lower prices than what you will find for the same quality in a bottle.  The lightweight, fully recyclable cans lower our cost and we pass those savings onto our customers. Also, we pride ourselves in crafting light, refreshing, pure expressions of the grape varieties we work with.  This means we are not aging in costly oak barrels and therefore are able to pass on additional savings to our subscription members. If you want to read more about the cans vs bottle wine quality debate check out this article from Forbes.

Fully Customizable

Our subscriptions are fully customizable.  After signing up for one of our subscriptions, and an initial purchase, customers will receive an email two weeks prior to their next shipment to “build their order”. You get to choose which wines you want shipped each month, change the volume at your convenience, and can decide to pause, skip, or cancel your membership at any time.

Discounts on additional Wine Purchases

All club members receive additional discounts on purchases they make outside of their subscription.  If you need extra wine for an event, gift, or vacation you don’t need to wait for your next shipment.  Monthly subscription members get an additional 10% off all additional orders and the best part free shipping on all orders including their monthly shipments.

Free Shipping

Monthly Subscription members receive free shipping on all orders.

Great wine at an affordable price, the ability to choose what you want when you want it, discounts on additional orders, and free shipping on all orders.  You would be hard pressed to find a deal this good anywhere else in the wine industry.  Which is why I’ll stand behind my claim that the Sans Wine Co. Monthly Canned Wine Subscription is the greatest deal in wine!

Jake Stover