Natural Wine Spritzers on the Beach

Natural Wine Spritzers!

Summer has arrived in the form of Natural Wine Spritzers!

We recently released our first round of Piquettes, packaged in 25oml slim cans, and they are everything you want on a hot day.  These Natural Wine Spritzers are made by rehydrating our organic grape pomace.  There is an additional natural fermentation that creates a super low alcohol, slightly “prickling” or spritzy texture and results in a light, crisp beverage perfect for the dog days of Summer.

Once again, Gina is to blame for this great tasting wine.  In hindsight, it’s always easier for me to admit she has all the good ideas (just check out how we started Sans Wine Co.).  Joking aside, she was rather excited about the idea of making lower alcohol, lower calorie wines because even though a couple of glasses of wine are perfect for some occasions–this time of the year we all want something we can enjoy all day long at the beach or while hanging with friends.

So, we attempted an initial run with our 2021 Sauvignon Blanc and Carignan pomace, and to be honest they are some of the most fun and best wines we’ve made to date.  While of course we will always say our wines taste great, we are especially proud of the updated design of the labels and feel it’s hard to argue they look great too.  The best part about the packaging, in our opinion, is these are the first USDA certified organic wine spritzers produced domestically!

We decided to label them as Natural Wine Spritzers, because to be honest, Piquette is a weird word and we don’t want anyone to shy away just because they are confused about the term.  Just like our other canned wines, these spritzers are naturally made, have no added sulfites, are low alcohol (4.2-4.6%) and run just 55 calories/can for the Blanc, and 75 calories/can for the Rouge.

Here are Gina’s tasting notes and Nutritional panels as well:

Blanc Natural Wine Spritzer

What Gina says it tastes and smells like:

“Aromas and flavors of candied pineapple, mango, and Hawaiian fruit salad”

Blanc Natural Wine Spritzer

Blanc Spritzer Nutritional Panel





Rouge Natural Wine Spritzer

What Gina says it tastes and smells like:

“Aromas and flavors of raspberries, pomegranate juice, and rose petals.”

Rouge Natural Wine Spritzer

Rouge Spritzer Nutritional Panel

If you want to learn more about piquette and how it’s made, check out this article from Wine Enthusiast.


Jake Stover