Carbonic Carignan '19 (375ml - $12)

Carbonic Carignan '19 (375ml - $12)

 The ‘Coyote Rock’ block on the Poor Ranch was planted in 1943. The entire ranch is certified organic and farmed by 5th generation grape growers, John, John Samuel and Susan Poor. 

What is does 'carbonic' mean? It's a winemaking technique that is commonly associated with Beaujolais and Beaujolais Nouveau wines in France. Whole grape clusters are placed into a tank with carbon dioxide and then sealed up. Alcoholic fermentation begins in the interior of the grape due to the lack of oxygen, and the berries eventually burst open! A carbonic maceration results in red wines that are lower in tannin, lighter in style, fruit-driven, fresh and lively! 

Certified Vegan, Unfined, Unfiltered

No Added Sulfites, Only Naturally Occurring Sulfites