Carbonic Carignan '17 (375ml - $15)


The ‘Coyote Rock’ block on the Poor Ranch was planted in 1943 (75 year old vines!), and is their oldest block of Carignan on their property. We were lucky enough to secure 5 tons from ‘Coyote Rock’ and 2 tons were set aside for our Carbonic Carignan. We are very excited for this wine - we served some at our wedding this past December and some of our favorite wines to drink are made in a Carbonic style (i.e. Beaujolais!). When the grapes arrived at the winery on September 8th, we put the whole grape clusters in a small stainless tank, sealed up the tank (we didn’t open it for over 3 weeks!) and let it go through primary fermentation naturally without any manipulation. That means no sulfur (SO2) was added to this wine. 13% ABV


The resulting wine is juicy and absolutely delicious, with flavors of ripe strawberries, cherry pie and roses. Chill this baby down, but be careful: we guarantee that if you walk into a party with a 6pk, it will not be enough!