Carignan, the winegrape variety everyone has had but doesn’t know it.  Up until the 1990s, Carignan (pronounced ‘care-in-yawn’), was the third most widely planted winegrape variety in California. To this day this grape is still used as a blending agent, in large, mass-produced red wines in

Everything you want to know about Canning Wine. If you are a producer thinking about canning a small amount of wine, we recommend you don't do it :) All kidding aside, the economic benefits of this package for wine really make sense at higher volumes.  We

Gina's Sauvignon Blanc Notes: My grandfather (Mom’s Dad), Al Granzella, owned a vineyard in Clearlake, CA for nearly 30 years. He purchased a 30 acre bare parcel and in 1977 he planted 13.5 acres to Sauvignon Blanc grapes, with a few rows of Cabernet Sauvignon, that

The Sans Wine Co. monthly canned wine subscription really is the greatest deal in wine. As I sit here writing this entry, prices all around us are increasing daily.  I have read three articles about high inflation, hefty fuel costs, and the borderline recessive state

Sulfites in wine Sulfites or Sulfur Dioxide, the most used preservative in winemaking, is one of the most misunderstood wine topics.  Some producers make false claims about sulfites.  They cite unproven claims about wine consumption as the cause for poor health, allergic reactions, and hangovers. Although

Gina and I were going through some old pictures and decided we should share some of our past market visit trips to explain what life on the road selling wine is like.  Here is a rundown of our post pandemic travel hiatus, visit to Chicago

Summer has arrived in the form of Natural Wine Spritzers! We recently released our first round of Piquettes, packaged in 25oml slim cans, and they are everything you want on a hot day.  These Natural Wine Spritzers are made by rehydrating our organic grape pomace.  There

So, what is natural wine? Our definition of natural wine is, wine made with nothing added or anything removed during the winemaking process.   Why make natural wine, when you can try and make a wine taste the same every year?  At Sans Wine Co. we feel that the

“Is there a shelf life for canned wine?” “Do I have to drink this right away or will it last for a while if I leave it in my fridge?” “Does the wine taste bad after it’s been sitting in a can for a long time?” We get

Every year over the last 5 or 6 years the wine writing community has launched a barrage of articles essentially claiming, “This year is . . . the year of canned wine” If you don’t believe me, just check out a few of these articles.